Keeping Your Cat Hydrated and Healthy

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07 May, 2019 By Fernanda C.

Cats can be picky when it comes to their food and water. This is part of why people love them. Their unique personalities and quirks can be as frustrating as they are endearing. Owners need to be clever and with a little ingenuity and information, cat owners can easily make sure their cutie ones stay healthy and well-hydrated, even during hot summer days.

Felines and Dehydration

Because cats only consume small amounts of water daily, it makes them susceptible to dehydration. If it happens frequently, they can begin to suffer from life-threatening conditions such as kidney disease and urinary conditions. To tell if a cat is taking in enough water, owners need to check their mouths and litter boxes. If they have thick saliva, their gums are dry and sticky, or they have not urinated at least twice in the past 24 hours, it means that they are dehydrated and in need of attention.

Most of the time, cats will make sure they get enough liquids. However, pet owners should keep an eye on them during hot days or if they have been ill. It also helps to make sure their water is healthy and appealing.

Water Contaminants and Cats

Many cats will not touch water that has been contaminated with something. Bottled water, for example, can contain metals, dissolved plastic, and chemicals such as disinfectants, pesticides, and poisons. Even tap water can contain many contaminants cats find unappetizing.

Some pet owners choose to give their felines distilled water. They like knowing their cats aren't getting contaminants. However, distilled water has no vitamins and minerals, so cats may be missing out on some of the important health benefits they need.

To make sure cats get everything they need without the risk of contaminants, use a quality water filter system. By using tap water, pet owners can take comfort in the fact that they know what is in it. It's convenient, affordable, and easy to serve up as needed. In addition, water filter systems remove odors, so cats will be all too happy to lap it up.

Water Bowl Considerations for Cats

The type of bowl a cat gets its water in can also make a big difference. Plastic bowls are terrible. First, the plastic can leach harmful chemicals into the water. They also tend to get brittle over time and have a habit of moving when cats try to use them. The biggest danger, however, comes from the bacteria that starts to grow on the surface. Therefore, use a bowl made of ceramic or metal. A good idea is to use those with a weighted or rubber bottom have the added benefit of staying in place.

Water fountain bowls are the best option for felines. The constant movement keeps everything fresh, and many of them contain water filters to remove any odor or contaminants that get into the bowl. Psychologically, many cats enjoy moving water, so it may encourage them to drink more.

Cats don't need a lot of water, so it makes it very important that the water they consume is of the highest quality. Start with the right bowl. Then, use a good water filtering system to make sure all the harmful substances have been removed. Cats will love it and owners will love knowing that their beloved feline is getting the very best water treatment.

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