About Woostah



“Woostah” as locals pronounce it, is the largest city in New England after Boston, the capital of Massachusetts. People not born in Worcester would most likely pronounce its name as “Wooster” but locals have a tendency, or are known to not pronounce the “r”s in words such as park and car, pronouncing them as “pahk” and “cah”. So, “Where did you ‘pahk’ the ‘cah’?” is a popular joking way of expressing how locals pronounce certain things. The city’s name did not escape this and thus, it is pronounced by locals and “Woostah” which clarifies the name of our site to those who have no clue, so “Woostah” it is.

Population & Location

With a population of about 186,000, Worcester is located in central Mass, about 40 miles west of Boston, amidst Massachusetts’ major metropolitan regions; a large city immediately surrounded by small ones. Worcester is also known as “The Heart of the Commonwealth” and appropriately, a heart is the official symbol of the city.


Our Mission with Woostah

Being the “heart” of Massachusetts, we decided to give “Woostah” a spotlight with our online business listing directory, where all businesses in Massachusetts can make use of our products and services and where anyone living in or visiting Massachusetts can take advantage of the information available and get to rate and review the businesses in the state. In addition, our site visitors can delight in interesting weekly blogs and articles to gather knowledge in the most varied subjects.

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